northern norway

Northern Light, Dragons & Orcas

7th-13th January 2020

Welcome to the Ancient Mysteries of the North 

a journey back to our roots

Beloved Brothers & Sisters, welcome to the Ancient Mysteries of the North.
Together with Camilla Åkerström and sisters and brothers of the White Rose you are invited on a magical Journey into your deepest places in this beautiful vibrant ancient land of the North.

Come and connect with the ancient Beartribe that was here from the beginning of time, receive the healing of the Northern Light, connect to the Northern pentagram of the primordial feminine, open to receive the ancient Wisdom from the Elves and Vanirs, see and connect with the ancient dragons and reconnect with the people from the stars, Orcas, Reindeers, Samis and Primordial Mother in these ancient lands of the North. A journey back to our roots.

We travel to the island Skjervöy in Northern Norway in the vibration of beautiful strong energies and Arctic Crystalline light. Surrounded by the Primordial dragon mountains holding the energy.  We stay in "hytter" (Norweigan huts) and an apartment house just by the sea with the Orcas passing by, sometimes in sight from the terass. Receive the healing of the Northern Light, the dancing light codes, language from the One opening portals bridging cosmos to earth. Connect with the people of the Beartribe that calls us back to our roots, our original "blueprints" and dragons that are here to help us activate deeper into our hearts. We connect with Mother Whale and the deep waters and experience its vast stillness and depth. We open to our True Essence, Divine Presence and Greater Self. 

Just give yourself 2 minutes and let yourself be absorbed into the magic of north Norway...

We will rise our frequences and connect to a higher love consciousness,
anchor deeper in our bodies and be initiated into the wisdom of the Beartribe.
We open to our True Essence, Divine Presence and Greater Self. 
A deep remembrance of our origins - oneness.

Night time we go reindeer sledding in the mountain beneath the stars. The Sami and reindeers that have walked the land for thousands of years.  The indigenous in the nordic hemisphere, keepers of the ancient traditions and heritage of ancient cúlture, living as nomads and wanderers close to the reindeers in this sacred and vast landscape. These magical animals, wanderers between worlds. Listen to the jojk and take part of the Sami culture and history.

Two days during this week we go out on the sea to connect with Orcas, killer whales. Together we will create breathtaking memories in search for these amazing wonders of the arctic winter fjords. It's so amazing to enjoy this unique natural phenomena together. In a open boat we head out at the deep sea in search for these amazing creatures. The Orcas are the recordkeepers anchoring the crystalline light in the oceans, holding the harmony and balance in the whole universe. After the whale tours we have the possibility to relax in a warm sauna.

Through this portal we meet the Universal Womb, the Goddess. The place where our inner "web of life" meets the outer "web of life". This whale excursion will be an initiation into a deep activation and opening of your womb/hara-heart. During this 6-days retreat you will be guided by Camilla Åkerström.  With deep communion and initiations from Dragons, Elfens, Vanirs, ancient Beartribe, elementals and nature forces. 

Receive the healing of the Northern Light... 
the dancing light codes, language from the One...
opening portals bridging Cosmos to Earth...

Whales Swimming Under
The Northern Light
FIlm Credits to NRK

Under the Northern Lights
Film Credits to Pascal Zemp

Orcas are the recordkeepers anchoring
the crystalline light in the oceans, 
holding the Harmony and Balance in the whole Universe

The vibration of the Orcas
is linked to our original blueprint 
and from this place we manifest
and surrender to God, Universe,
to everything That Is. 

Orcas in Northen Lights
Film credits to A.G

Camilla has been swimming and communing with dolphins and whales for 12 years, mostly in Hawaii, but also in Tonga and Northern Norway to meet the Orcas. This is the fifth time she returns to Norway to meet the Whales and Orcas from the Northern hemisphere which has been a journey totally beyond imagine. She has commune with the Humpbacks both in the water and in the heavenly realms. She has commune with the Golden Whale pods from the higher celestial dimensions. The humpbacks, both in the celestial realms and in the embodied form in the earth realm,  are very light and high in their energies and vibrations, they are all high developed masters.

Camilla is known for her abilities to hold and co-create a vast, pure, warm, loving and sacred space where women and men can embody their feminine and masculine soul on earth. Camilla has during many years held space for women, men and couples. In the sacred space she holds with her womb, connected with the wombs of the world and the ascended realms, as a conduit of the energies of the Divine Mother and together with many helpers and illumined beings, she can help people to heal, to re-activate the new light codes and frequencies inside of them and to help them anchor them deeper into their bodies, to embody their soul.

Welcome beloved brothers & sisters to join us in this fun, epic & magical journey. 
Memories that will last forever!

For more information connect with Camilla Åkerström at
or visit or

In Love ♥

Camilla & the White Rose


WHEN: 7th-13th of January 2020
We meet 7th of January at 3pm in Tromsö airport and open the circle late evening with a opening dinner in Skjervoy.
Finishing 13th of January after breakfast and returning to Tromsö airport around 12 am. 

WHERE: Skjervoy in Northern Norway

SPACES: 10-12 people

ACCOMODATION: We stay together in singel/double-bedrooms in apartments or huts (hytter) at Skjervoy Fiskecamp just by the ocean. We buy and cook the food together. Welcome to visit Skjervoy Fiskecamp.

HOW TO GET TO SKJERVOY: We meet in Tromsö, Norway where we rent cars that will take us 3.5 hours drive to our destination.  There are direct flights to Tromsö from Stockholm with SAS or you change flight in Oslo. There are several domestic flights that serve Tromsö; SAS, Norweigan, Wideroe

RETREAT FEE: 1888 Euro 

♥ Retreat 
♥ 6 nights accomodation
♥ 3 meals every day – vegetarian / fish
♥ 2 days whale/orca watching at the sea 
♥ 1 night tour with reindeer-sledding and northern lights
♥ Storytelling in lavvu with Sami people
♥ Activations & transmissions 
♥ Lunar Eclipse Ceremony
♥ Part in the rental car that will be our transport during the week.
♥ Sharingcircles
♥ Lots of fun!

Not included: transportation to Tromsö, insurance, aditional costs as gas, road tolls and ferry. 

SIGN UP: Send an email to
Upon signing up you will receive an bank/PayPal information for full payment balance. After the payment is processed you will receive further information detailing arrival/departing information, etc.

The retreat will be held in English and Swedish

For more information contact Camilla or +46-706-613334

* Dress warm, recommended wool into skin and wear warm shoes, especially on the boat trip. 
* Warm jacket, trousers, gloves and beanie
* Swim wear for sauna
* Any personal medication.

Included for the boat trip: safety equipments (thermal suits and lifewest), gloves, beanie, googles

All above with reservation for changes


Once the journey has commenced, no refunds will be made for any unused services and clients will be responsible for their travel arrangements and insurance. You pay a deposit to secure your place that is non-refundable. If a cancellation is made within two month (60 days) prior to journey, we will reimburse the cost of the journey up to 25% minus the deposit which is non refundable upon booking the journey. If a cancellation is made within 3 months (90 Days) prior to the journey we will reimburse the cost of the journey up to 50 % minus the deposit which is non refundable upon booking the journey. Cancellations made by "the White Rose" will be reimbursed in full.

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facilitator - camilla ma ra åkerström

The Way of Love - Camilla Ma Ra, a priestess, wayshower, earthkeeper, visionary, gatekeeper, doula, soul guide, ascension guide, carrying the codes of the white rose, founder of the white rose temple and the white rose new earth school and is a sister and a mother on her journey.

She is the main teacher in the White Rose New Earth School and are here to hold space and open new ways for divine love and the new earth to anchor in Gaia and humanity. She leads ceremonies to anchor the light on Gaia and is assisting us though the ascension process that is now. Camilla is known for her abilities to hold and co-create a vast, pure, warm, loving and sacred space, as a conduit of the energies of the Divine Mother, where women and men can embody their feminine and masculine soul on earth. Read more about Camilla –

the white rose

The teachings within the White Rose have returned to earth and are part of the ancient teachings of the White Flame. The White Rose is a symbol of the White Flame and has the unique essence of Divine Union, the healed Divine Feminine and the healed Divine Masculine in union. It holds the Balance and Harmony, and it holds the codes for our eternal soul existence. Read more about The White Rose –


The White Rose is a meeting place for "Light Tribe friends and soul-star family". The White Rose Temple is a portal where the energies and frequency of the New Time are anchored on earth. The "White Rose Light Tribe" is a spiritual community that does not live and stay together, but who walk the path of Love within the White Rose and who co-create in a beautiful way by sharing their gifts, uniqueness and wisdom together. We believe that this is the way, through love, community and co-creation, that we give birth to and anchor the new Time.